Thursday, June 7, 2012


steve and i made a trip to our new local restoration hardware store this past weekend. the sales associate told us to be sure we saw the outdoor living area showcasing their outdoor products. i was in love when we stepped through the doors. it's gorgeous. grey painted brick walls decorated with mirrors. i love painted brick. pea gravel. underfoot lighting in the gravel. massive sofas. beautiful pillows. and gorgeous green foliage.

and the fountain! gorgeous!
how about a firepit/coffee table?
i loved this tree with lanterns hung with rope. how fun that would be for a garden party.
or perhaps an outdoor chandelier? 

steve patiently waiting for me to stop taking photos.
boxwood in a planter. love this too. my motto is generally "more is more" when it comes to container pot gardening, but a single lush, full boxwood that fills the pot is fab.

ah, pillows. warm tones.
cool tones.
and then there were the succulents. never thought of planting a singular one in rows like this...
i usually do more of this look.
and the brick wall. they're training the vines to climb the brick. can't wait to see it in a few years.

all this goodness can be found at the willow bend restoration hardware in plano, texas.

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Holly said...

I love all the lanterns in the tree - such a cool idea!

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