Friday, June 1, 2012

my trip home

before i get to my trip home to pennsylvania..... how did it get to be june?!? (i love my calendar from alex)
here are some photos from my long weekend visiting family. i put together a container pot for my sister's back porch. my motto when assembling garden pots is "more is more". this one has penstemon, chili pepper, daisy, stonecrop, and vinca.

much to my dismay i can't get from dallas to harrisburg in a nonstop flight. this was my 2nd flight from detroit into the harrisburg area. i hate small planes. and funny story... on my first flight i caught my seat mate staring at my reading material. yes, it was 50 shades of grey (i think i'm the only person still reading paperbacks!). in a fit of embarrassment, i blurted out "please don't judge me." he said "don't worry, my wife's on #3.
i did a little shopping. this will be my swimsuit coverup. my suit is teal. i love the floral pattern.
i found this cute summery rope belt at the jcrew outlet.
we went to the arts festival on the river in harrisburg. this was the first booth. i resisted buying the world's largest eclair.

i bought this print for my sister awhile ago. it's by michelle armas. funny... she framed it in the same frame i put winston in.

and now thankfully it's time for another weekend. have a great one!

1 comment:

Holly said...

Hahahah! Your seatmate's comment about his wife reading the 50 Shades of Grey books is priceless! :D

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