Thursday, May 24, 2012

a mini vacay

i'm having a mini vacay, in pennsylvania with my sister and parents.  steve is home holding down the fort and hopefully not creating too much of a mess while i'm away. (last time i left him home alone he used a miter saw in the house and there was sand EVERYWHERE. we did have new hardwoods, but.... again, sand EVERYWHERE.) yes, you're right, i'm still not over it.

anywho, i saw the photo above and immediately thought "twins??", which reminded me of my sister because that's usually the question we get when we're together. the answer is no (we're 21 months apart), but apparently we look similar.

happy long weekend!


M Denise C said...

Have a great time, Pam! Enjoy the cooler weather. Love the pic ;-)

Holly said...

Cute! I love those cats! :)

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