Wednesday, May 2, 2012


i love garden stools. but they're sooo expensive. i just spotted this aqua beauty over at
joss and main for $280! marked down from $399. seriously folks?!?
steve and i were running errands last week. i popped into ross. and look what i found! these two apple green garden stools, which are now being stored in my garage, beside the weed and feed, until we furnish the back patio.

and guess how much we paid for ours? no, seriously, guess.... you won't believe it.

$29.99 apiece! woohoo. score.

i envision doing something like this with them.
photo from here


Lili said...

i have the same exact one (1st pic) from homegoods years ago for the same price as your's! LOVE it!

Susannah said...

OMG! I'm headed to Ross like NOW! the green would be perfect o our patio!!

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