Tuesday, May 22, 2012

meet winston

we got some new art in the house recently. when i dropped my flamingo giclee off at michael's for framing a few weeks ago, i joked with the nice clerk that he needed a name and said she should think of one. when i went to pick it up, there was a note written on the receipt. it said, "please tell customer i named him winston".

therefore, meet winston. isn't he regal. i love the simple matte brushed gold frame i chose.

he's in our dining room. we painted the walls jasper by sherwin williams. it's a gorgeous deep dark marine color.

a few weeks ago, ally posted this gorgeous snippet of a room with shades of navy, pink, fuschia, and gold. i immediately thought of winston and my dining room wall color. i love this color combo with a touch of gold.

and opposite winston, sits this oil painting. you may remember the canvas from this post. i bought this landscape in seattle and my sister left it at a parking toll booth in our parking garage. thankfully, we managed to get it back. i finally measured it and found that it was a standard size canvas and bought a premade frame for it at michael's. i think it's just the finishing touch it needs.


Holly said...

Wow I really like Winston! He is awesome!!

kathy said...

I agree with Holly, Winston is awesome. I love the frame you chose. I hope they have it at my Michael's. I would love to use it to frame a painting for our home.

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