Monday, May 14, 2012

sunday brunch

i think i've mentioned that i've been following a strict, low-carb, minimal-gluten diet for the last few months. well, not yesterday. this was my brunch. steve and i went here for their mother's day brunch yesterday. (yes, i consider myself a mother... a mother to 4-leggeds.)

i had the tuscan french toast with balsamic syrup and crispy prosciutto. yum.
steve had a breakfast pizza with red sauce (theirs is excellent), bacon, spinach, onions and egg. very yummy.
if you live in the area and haven't tried cavalli's, you must. great service, great food, all at good prices. they cook their pizzas in 900 degree ovens for 90 seconds.... which i love, because it means we can order and eat usually in under 30 minutes.

and...steve plucked this from out magnolia tree in the backyard. the whole kitchen smells of it.

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