Thursday, May 17, 2012

etsy finds

i thought i'd share with y'all a few goodies i've found on etsy recently. (all links found just below photos.)

these gorgeous chalcedony bubble bangles. if you read the artist's description of these bracelets, he says kyle richards of the real housewives of beverly hills was seen wearing them (and even includes a photo). kyle has great taste... these are stunning.
from kylechandesigns

i love watercolor paintings. i love coral. i love aqua. therefore this print is right up my alley.
kerri shipp sells these in her etsy shop, driftwood interiors.

from driftwoodinteriors

i love landscape paintings also. and i love the work of amber alexander. i have several of her prints sprinkled throughout my home. they're just beautiful. and so is this landscape.

from amberalexander

super cute flour sack tea towels from shop oh, little rabbit.

from ohlittlerabbit

upcycled lighting from tinker lighting. i love this one... the color, the vintage-ness of it.

from tinker lighting

and what a fund idea this is! images printed on melamine plates. i especially adore this sea life one. the mad platters shop have many designs in their etsy shop... from sea life to bugs and insects to botanicals. i had trouble finding the one i like best.

from themadplatters 

you know i'm a huge fan of artwork and prints. somebody really needs to cut me off from buying any more... i suspect that'll be my husband soon. this print is adorable! lucile prache sells them from her studio in paris. she's got a supercute blog over here.

from luciles kitchen 


Holly said...

I love that bracelet! So pretty! :)

Susannah said...

LOVE the bracelets, and the watercolor and the landscape- shoot I love ALL of those!!! Excellent picks!

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