Monday, July 16, 2012

let's talk food

i love sweet potatoes. and goat cheese. and grapes. and honey. i came across this photo the other day on pinterest. it had me at hello. i made these this weekend and they are seriously the best thing i've made in a long while.
you absolutely must try them. here's the recipe. hubby liked them too.

a few months ago i discovered i am allergic to soy. soy is in everything. i've had to search high and low for soy-free foods or else suffer the headaches soy was instigating. in searching for a soy-free protein/health bar i found larabars. these are great. moist, flavorful.

and what i like best about them is that each flavor has between 3-6 ingredients.  here are the ingredients for the peanut butter cookie bar.

i've been reading about shakeology everywhere lately. my boot camp instructor is a distributor. she hooked me up with their chocolate flavor. i drink this most nights for dinner, especially after my evening bootcamp session. it's really good.... and in combo with 3-nights-a-week of bootcamp i've already lost a few pounds in just one week.
THIS! oh my word, i just tried this this morning in my coffee. it is wonderful! i've been mourning the loss of my full-of-soy coffeemate french vanilla creamer. i found this last week. the taste is wonderful. bonus for having 0 fat grams.


Lili said...

seriously, that sweet potato dish looks sooo good!

Alison Kelley said...

Hi Pam! Good to know that about LARABAR's, I've never tried them but I am on the verge of looking for a new bar as I start a new way of eating "clean". These will fit the bill perfectly, thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

I just pinned that sweet potato recipe. I had a flatbread pizza a few months ago with roasted grapes and goat cheese on it... AMAZING! Can't wait to try this recipe out for my family.

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