Thursday, July 12, 2012

radiant ads

i usually don't pay attention to ads in magazines. i usually just flip right thru them. i was reading the latest oprah magazine last weekend, when an ad caught my eye. how could this not catch your eye. what a stunning image. beautiful woman. beautiful, colorful balloons. beautiful, colorful streamers. wait... i know these balloons.. and this woman! the woman is jihan zencirli, master balloon artist, creator and owner of geronimo balloons.
 (ad photo from here)

i met jihan in seattle a few years ago when she worked at my favorite paper store. since then she has relocated to los angeles and opened geronimo balloons. it's a brilliant concept. she provides huge helium filled balloons with gorgeous, colorful streamers for events.

here's some more of jihan's work (images from her site).

congratulations, jihan, on all your success!

1 comment:

Holly said...

Those balloons are amazing! I want some now!

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