Sunday, October 21, 2012

oh target you disappoint me

 you've heard about it, you've read about it, you've seen the ads. it's been everywhere, social media & blogs & tv and on target's own website... the nate berkus collection at target is debuting today, october 21st, at 8 am at target stores nationwide. 

perhaps someone should have told the target stores near me. i drove to my nearest target store this morning. upon arriving i didn't see any of the items i'd seen in the online ads. i asked a clerk where the nate berkus collection items were. "nate who?" as she gazed down the hardware aisle where she was restocking items. i informed her that nate's items wouldn't be in that aisle. they'd be in home decor. 2 other clerks were just as clueless. by the time i got to the front registers, i voiced my frustration to another employee there. he said he was on it! he thought maybe there were 2 items in the back but was hot on the case.  i left frustrated. extremely frustrated.

in the parking lot, i called the next nearest target store, sure that they would be more on the ball. i asked the employee who answered the phone if the nate berkus items that were debuting in their store today were on the shelves. she told me to hold and i overheard her tell another employee that she had to take this call because she had no idea what i was asking for. they were not aware of who nate berkus was and that he had items debuting in their store today.

i drove home extremely frustrated and amazed that target's own employees did not know about this line of products debuting today.

target, i've always supported you. i like your products. i like your prices and  i know you do good things. but i expected more. you disappoint me.


Lili said...

its the same here :((( nada

aBeautyFairy said...

Same in my town :(

Sarah Bradley said...

Exact same situation for me here in North Carolina.

I spoke to them at customer service because online it said the store had the items in stock. The associate said "oh those are last nights closing totals so won't be accurate today" (at 8:05AM). I had to explain that the line was released today, could they look in the back. They did, with a huff, and found 1 of the 3 things I wanted.

I also stopped into another Target 3 days later and found the exact same situation. Very disappointed.

Holly said...

What a bummer Pam - sorry to hear that. I was at Target on Saturday and they were fully stocked with a lot of the Nate items. It's sad that their own employees aren't aware of the new lines that are coming out. That is something they should be educated about for sure.

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