Friday, November 2, 2012


has come and gone, way too quickly. what did we do during october? i'll show you in a few instagram shots. (by the way, you should follow me on instagram... i keep up with that more than the ol' blog... link is on the sidebar.)

i cooked butternut squash and kale with cranberries and pecans. it was wonderful. steve even liked it.
these two got better acquainted. finnigan does everything pixel does. they have playtime in the backyard with their bones and a laser at nighttime. it's loads of fun. (i've come to call finnigan finninnigan. i've done it so much that now i stutter when i say finnigan.)
f-f-finnigan is in puppy class. he's the star pupil of his class. ok, fine... he's the only one in his class. but even if he weren't, he'd still be the star pupil.
i put a few pumpkins and mums out for my fall decorating.
our lavender is blooming.
i made some new things for the shop, including these super cute gingham and deerhead hang tags. everyone needs some. you can get them here.
and we all took a few naps. this girl is the queen of napping.


jac jewelry said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, Pam! The puppy is so cute. I want one. :) The butternut squash recipe looks delish! I have also been cooking butternut squash - super-easy. I have been meaning to take pictures and post the recipe, then the storm hit and ruined my plans. I'm hoping to do that this weekend, now that we have power and water again!

Holly said...

Love your autumn decorations! Very pretty! :)

Holly said...

I made a butternut squash chowder over the weekend and it was delicious. It's fun following along with you on Instagram.

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