Friday, July 30, 2010

canning party of two

i had the urge to can. i get it every so often. like i did last year. i called my canning partner-in-crime kelly and we synchronzied our schedules with the local fruit production. apricots, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries were in season. we set a date. i made a run for fruit. kelly brought jars, sugar, and pectin. for our first batch, we started with these.

turned it into this.and then into this. apricot jam.
we also made apricot spice jam, apricot and raspberry jam (yummy!), apricot and blueberry jam, raspberry jam, and mixed berry jam. seriously folks. we were in the kitchen for 8 hours. we ended with over 70 jars of varying sizes to split between us. my feet hurt. my legs hurt. it was 85 degrees that day. the kitchen was 82 (remember we don't have central air). the air was sticky. i was sticky. but both kelly and i agreed... canning is a very satisfying project. we now have wonderful, scrumptious jams to share with friends and family.


jwilt said...

mmmm, yummy. Can't wait to try some when I visit in Oct!. BTW, how's the sewing? I'm ready to help you out whenever you get some fabric and some time! Will that be in October?

jacjewelry said...

Wow! Apricots are one of my favorite fruits (they compete with raspberries for the first place). Apricot spice jam sounds amazing, and so does apricot and raspberry jam! Are they for sale? Put them in your shop, so I can buy them! :)

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