Friday, July 23, 2010

progress and a giveaway

this was last week. steve and a friend removed the dining room windows, made a BIG hole, and filled it with gorgeous new french doors.
as you can see (below) there's still so much to do. such as, trim out and paint the doors and replace the siding on the back of the house. (this was a huge debate between hubby and me. he wanted to do a different finish under the porch roof, such as painted cedar shake to match a finish on the front of the house. i wanted to keep things simple, have just one finish on the entire back of the house. i think i won, but as you can see, nothing is up yet). excuse my scraggly plants in the planters. i refrained from potting anything new in the container pots until the porch was done. that's on my way -too-long to-do list for this weekend. i'm also thinking of painting the adirondacks.
anything exciting on the agenda for your weekend??

and....thanks to carlee and tiffany at deliciously organized, there's a pixelimpress giveaway. pop on over there to enter to win a set of these.have a great weekend!


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Wow, the doors are fabulous, you must be so happy with them! I was just visiting your site, and your new products are gorgeous Pam, just gorgeous! xx

jacjewelry said...

Wow your house is looking great! It'll be done before you know it. :)

Alison Kelley said...

It looks great Pam! We love having a covered patio, makes it so we can barbeque all year round. All your hard work is going to be so worth it!

Millie said...

Looking mighty good Pam! Glad you 'won' the discussions about the siding. Thank your lucky stars you have a timber home, if this was our double brick place the mess from the brick cutter would be atrocious!
Millie ^_^

paula said...

this is fabulous! you all want to come over and do mine?

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