Friday, October 22, 2010

the weekend

so, what are your plans for the weekend? while steve and his sidekick pixel are hunting tomorrow, i'm going to the local costco for this. gluten free girl will be there signing her latest cookbook. my perfect chance to buy the book and meet her. hopefully i won't embarrass myself.

i'll probably spend some time making things like these. i've been making these guys and his cousins all week long. you can find them here, with a bunch of other new stuff. i'll tell you all about it next week. (but feel free to poke around on your own beforehand.)
AND i'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that i win this from here.

my chances right this instant are 1 in 39,325. hmmm... and yes, i'll be disappointed if i don't win. just like i'm disappointed when i don't win the lottery.

have a good one!


D.B. said...

Well, my dear, I wish you the best of luck AND.....I do believe I have found the tags to go along with the bottles of wine I will be giving at Christmas! Off to "poke around."

Elizabeth said...

the tags are fabulous! like this new blog header too. update on printer? do you still like it?

jacjewelry said...

Good luck! Hope you win! We are going on a wine tour tomorrow - can't wait! Happy weekend.

Brittany said...

have a great weekend!

Millie said...

Don't worry about the odds Pam - of course you'll win that awesome camera. My goodie parcel arrived safely today & everything is gorgeous!
Millie ^_^

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