Wednesday, November 3, 2010

climbing mountains

folks, i'm swamped. as in, i can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. or i can't see the top of the mountain. maybe i will on dec 26th when the holiday is over. but for right now, and for the next 7 weeks, this is taking up all my time. and don't get me wrong, i'm grateful. grateful for the business.

so, since i can't entertain you right now, i'm gonna send you over to something very entertaining.
jeremy and kathleen. they, husband and wife, recently got back from climbing a mountain. they climbed to mt everest base camp. actually that's more like, they climbed to mt everest base camp!!! and kathleen's filling us in day by day. (and be sure to read the posts regarding their trip preparations, whew!). she's on day 4 of a 21 day trip. and i love her story telling. from reading kathleen's blog, i gather that she and i are opposites. she's tall, blonde, fashionable and well, obviously adventurous. me, nope, none of these. i'll live this adventure through her. pop on over, i think you'll enjoy her tale. thanks kathleen for telling your story.

*** image via jeremy and kathleen's blog


And Kathleen said...

Pam, I'm thrilled you are enjoying the recap! Thanks for the kudos!

jacjewelry said...

Wow! Pam, don't get overworked. Remember to rest! Thanks for the link - will definitely check it out!

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