Monday, November 1, 2010

thank you, thank you

i just got this sweet little necklace in the mail! a total surprise. it's from my friend janna of jacjewelry, here.

and i love it! thank you, janna. how did you know i needed a little pick me up. i worked all weekend. ALL. WEEKEND. hubby was gone on an overnight hunting trip with his sidekick, pixel. i worked and worked and worked some more. stopped saturday night for a movie and sushi at home. then stopped again sunday evening for trick-or-treat night. we couldn't resist taking this little one around to a few houses. and then doling out candy to our neighborhood kids.
but, anyway, back to my necklace. thank you, janna. it's lovely! you can visit janna at her blog here. or her etsy shop here. she makes beautiful jewelry. tell her i sent ya.


jwilt said...

just beautiful. I'm off to check out her blog/website right now!

jacjewelry said...

Aww glad that my Little Acorn necklace brightened your day! Pixel looks so cute in her Halloween outfit. :) She can come trick-or-treat at my house any time!

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