Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy turkey day!


what are your plans for thanksgiving? one of these years, my table will look like the above for thanksgiving. not this year. steve and i are eating with friends. should be a large crowd with lots of food. i'm looking forward to it, although a little bummed that i won't have thanksgiving meal leftovers... they are the best! steve promised that we'll cook turkey and all the fixins for christmas this year.

on sunday we're going to see the seahawks play the kansas city chiefs with steve's co-workers. i've never been to a pro football game. i'm thankful we'll be in a box suite since the temps are hovering in the low 30s here.

hopefully there will also be time for naps, movies, and reading. no shopping though.... you won't catch me anywhere near a store the weekend after thanksgiving.

have a great long weekend! pam


jacjewelry said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Pam! Have a relaxing weekend!

mydesignchic said...

Love the gold pumpkins...thanks for visitng our blog and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Devon said...

Pam--happy turkey day!!!! I hope you enjoy the weekend and all of the food. Here's to being snowed in this week. May it now melt so that we can get down to holiday business. ;)

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