Monday, May 2, 2011

another possibility

so, about a month ago i showed you one of my favorite houses from my house hunting search in the dallas suburbs. we're moving, remember?

well, steve was back in dallas last week and spent an afternoon with our realtor. they stopped by a subdivision in mckinney, texas. the neighborhood is designed as a master planned, new urbanism TND. some others you might be familiar with are alys beach in the florida panhandle and serenbe just south of atlanta, georgia.

this was one of the homes he saw. it's by the same builder as the other homes on our list. just look at that front porch. it's made for sippin' lemonade and greeting neighbors.
main hallway with transom windows. love those! dark wood floors throughout the first floor.
study behind french doors.
master bath.
powder room. love! give me a pedestal sink any day over a vanity.
kitchen area as seen from family room.
do you spy what i spy? white subway tile backsplash. woohoo. and white cabinets, dark island. wouldn't change at thing. ok, except maybe put in a farmhouse sink instead.
another front view. the only negative to this house is, do you see it, do you see it??
a detached 3-car garage.
it's not my ideal. i could make it work. we could make it work. the main disadvantage though is that it takes up a lot of the backyard. and we'd have to add a small iron fence separating yard from driveway to completely fence in the backyard for pixel.

overall, it's a gorgeous house. what do you think?


Ms. Bright said...

I'm a fan of their work. This looks well built and well thought out. The detached is a bit of a bummer, but not a deal-breaker!

kathy said...

beautiful. I believe Seaside in Florida is some of the same design team. We LOVE it there. Home away from home. How wonderful for you!

Alison Kelley said...

It looks like a beautifully laid out house, I really love the interior, bright and vibrant. Detached garage is a bummer but how much time would you really be spending out in the garage. If you spend alot of time out there then it would be a problem otherwise I'm sure you could make it work if you love the house. You could always dress up the garage and make it more inviting and a part of the yard.

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