Tuesday, May 10, 2011

option 3

you've already seen option 1 for a house choice in dallas. (we're moving, remember?) and you've seen option 2.

now here's option 3. this one's in the same subdivision as the red house, option 2. remember, all houses are the same builder, so that's not a decision-maker.

can't you just picture some vines on the arbor over the garage doors?
front porch for sipping lemonade and reading.
kitchen. i really want white cabinets. really. really bad. and a darker island. love this.
there's also some glass front cabinets and more counterspace to the left of the photographer here.

kitchen/family room.
large backyard with an already in place magnolia tree. looks like a pool size lot to me! pixel and i would love a pool. hubby's not so sure.
master bath. love the hexagon tiled floor.
study/new office of pixelimpress.
guest room bath. L.O.V.E.
what do you think?


jwilt said...

option 2 gets my vote!

Ms. Bright said...

This is totally your new home! Because I only know you via blogging and because it's my faveorite!! :) No doubt! This. Is. It.

quadracool said...

I like the interior of 1 the best, but the exterior of 2. 3 is well, 3, but still lovely! I'll come visit you at any of them. :)

D.B. said...

L O V E !! Pool, pool, pool!!!!!!!!! It's Dallas for God's sake.

Millie said...

For what it's worth, I'm still loving the internal lay-out of the Red House Pam!
Millie x

jacjewelry said...

This one is great, and so is option 2... but I still love #1 the best!

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