Thursday, May 19, 2011

an end of an era

there's only 5 more oprah shows left. are you watching? i am. i've pretty much always watched oprah. maybe not her first few years, but definitely the last 20.
i'll be sad when she's not on every afternoon. but she's closing it out with some amazing guests.

yesterday she interviewed ralph lauren. a great interview. and view into his colorado lifestyle.
and earlier this week, she interviewed james frey.... again. you may remember the controversy 5 years ago surrounding his memoir. i think this was one of her best shows ever.
oprah will continue working at her own network, own. i'm excited to see what she's go in store for us there.


Anonymous said...

I loved her interview with James Frey!! I thought it was very classy of BOTH of them to open up about their first interview. I missed RL, though...I really wanted to see that one!!


I'm still sort of in denial that it's almost the end!!! What are we all going to do?

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