Friday, June 10, 2011


have you heard of glassbaby? the colorful, hand blown votives made in seattle? here are they on the cover of the june 2011 real simple. bottom shelf. aren't they pretty?

they come in an array of colors.
and you don't have to use them just as votives. fill them with pencils.
ice cream!
pretty flowers.
use them in your centerpiece.
pop over here to read how founder of glassbaby lee rhodes started the company.

ms. rhodes also made an appearance on the nate berkus show.
i purchased my first glassbaby a few weekends ago at their university village store in seattle. this greeted me when i walked in, one of 3 or 4 similar displays. how possibly is one supposed to decide which color?? i ended up buying my go-to color.... aquamarine. and i got a dark taupe for my sister. i'm thinking about which color i need next. the greens are taunting me.
and.... glassbaby has certain "goodwill" colors that if purchased, 10 % of the proceeds go to a specific charity. love that.

photos taken from or their facebook page here.

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jacjewelry said...

No I haven't, and yes, they are adorable! Agree... decisions, decisions! I love that they give a percentage of certain item sales to charity - jacjewelry does that too! :)

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