Tuesday, June 14, 2011

living abroad

i watched house hunters international on hgtv this past weekend. i never watch it. but i did this past sunday. it was an episode about a family of 8 (!) moving from denver to normandy, france. i recognized them.... it's gabrielle's family! gabrielle blogs at design mom.

this is a photo of the exterior of the house they are renting for a year in normandy. look at that wisteria! the house is a dream house. an artist's house filled with character. just check out this treehouse in the backyard.
you can head over to design mom for more photos of the house. (see her sidebar.) and to read about their adventures abroad.

the episode got me thinking about living abroad. the fact that gabrielle and her husband ben relocated themselves and 6 children to france for a year is astounding to me. (i'm struggling with the logistics of moving a dog and 2 cats cross country shortly!). could you live abroad? would you want to? could you deal with the language barrier, if there is one? a different culture? being away from family and friends?


jacjewelry said...

Love the house. I would - in a hearbeat (as long as the cats can come with :)). We sometimes talk about it. France would be our top choice! The language thing is a problem, but I am sure we'd learn the basics fast. :) If it's temporary, then being far away from the loved ones is not so bad.

jacjewelry said...

Oh and can we see more pictures of Cali?

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