Wednesday, October 12, 2011

breaking the radio silence

wow, almost 2 weeks of silence from me. that's a rarity. but life got busy. as it will when you're still settling in from moving cross country and prepping your stationery store for the holiday season and squeezing in a jaunt to pennsylvania to visit family. and of course i took not one photo to show you.

wait, i lie. i took a photo. of the bathtub in the middle of the room in our hotel room. seriously folks? we supposedly had priority status at the hotel. i don't think a tub in the middle of the room, closest room to lobby, closest room to elevators (where they continually played music over speakers until we asked them not to) is priority. a reassessment is in order.

we left thursday for the weekend away. while at my parents' we celebrated steve's birthday.
his biggest present.... a ticket to a dallas cowboys game in november when my brother-in-law is visiting. they're beyond excited. hopefully they'll watch the game and not the cheerleaders.

while at "home", we also went antique shopping, ate excellent thai food, and visited with extended family and friends. and i went back to my high school for a football game. freaky. hadn't set foot there in many moons. but it was great to see old friends.

and it's always fun to come home to this. the pickup from doggy camp is crazy. she literally bounces off walls and then gets in the car and crashes.and now it's back to the grind.... catching up on orders at pixelimpress and prepping our house for guests in one month.

my next project is painting our dining chairs in the breakfast nook. i'm painting them off white and recovering the seats with a teal ikat. i happened to find this image below with the same color scheme.
i'll be sure to show you the before and after.

*** images via my pinterest

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