Monday, October 17, 2011

a snippet of our weekend

weekends always go too quickly. ours are still packed full with 'settling-into-a-new-house' chores. and leave me sunday night feeling as if i need another day. a day to do nothing.

we went to whole foods friday night. for dinner and grocery shopping. i loaded up on gourds for some fall decorating. although i still don't feel like it's fall yet here in dallas, considering today is going to be 90 degrees. cool front coming tomorrow and bringing temps around 70s degrees. funny... in seattle, 70 was a hot day. dallas cools down to 70.

this is on my dining room table. i went with greens and greys. i love orange, just not at halloween. weird, huh?
this is my favorite guy. maybe cuz he's so ugly he's cute.i also managed to get the ghastlies up on the wall. also in the dining room.
they make me laugh.speaking of the dining room, this will be another framed fabric in the room. i bought this on onekingslane last year and have yet to do anything with it. i'm thinking of framing it in gold.

and i just ordered these silk grommet drapes from pottery barn for the dining room. more than 50% off. can't beat that. well, free can beat that...ah, perhaps i can use this room as inspiration for the dining room. lots of cream (my walls), hints of pink, and grass green drapes.***


kathy said...

I think your pumpkins are great. I, too, especially love the warty one!

Sarah Bradley said...

Loving the drapes. I can't wait to see some before and afters!

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