Thursday, October 20, 2011

fatal attraction

my favorite movie. of all time. i've seen it about 617 times. no lie. ask my husband. i believe it should be seen at all bachelor parties. the divorce rate in the country will plummet because no Linkman will ever have an affair again. (and yes, i know women have affairs also. another one of my favorite movies is unfaithful with diane lane.)

yesterday, the pioneer woman said that she watched a behind-the-scenes making of fatal attraction on the bio channel. dang, i missed it. well, i googled it and it's on again tonight! in fact here are the upcoming air times for it
  • Thursday October 20 at 8:00PM EDT
  • Friday October 21 at 12:00AM EDT
  • Friday October 28 at 8:00PM EDT
  • Saturday October 29 at 12:00AM EDT
i can't wait to see it. pw warned that the description of filming the infamous rabbit scene was not very pleasant... so heads up, you may want to block your eyes for that one.

image from the pioneer woman blog


kathy said...

I am going to try and watch this, too. I hope my husband can locate this Bio channel. I am sure we have it, I just don't watch it . Thanks for sharing! Loved the movie.

pam said...

kathy, i never watch the bio channel either. but i'm sure gonna watch this. let me know what you think...pam

kathy said...

Pam, I finally watched (some of) the show. I tivo'd it. I had a hard time watching it. The movie is so well done. It is just terrifying to watch. I found myself gasping at some of the movie clips and peeking through my fingers, just like when I watched the movie! What did you think of it?

pam said...

hi kathy. oh, i loved it! i can't believe how long it took to produce the movie. i think i had heard that before. i loved hearing how obsessive adrian lyne was... like the briefcase, and the car color. yes, the rabbit part was gory. i think i've seen the movie so much that it doesn't scare me as much. in fact i watched it again yesterday while i was doing chores.

oh yea, and what about the other actresses that were considered for the role of alex? just wouldn't have been the same.

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