Wednesday, January 18, 2012

it's a sea...

of calling cards on my office floor. i'm trying to find a customer's calling card from 2010.
when you order calling cards from the shop, i always (well...except for a particular order i printed in september of 201o and now she is ordering more and i am trying to find her sample) staple a sample of the finished calling card to your order for an accurate color reference (handy for if i ever switch printers), save the digital file of your card, and then put a copy of the calling card in my "stash".

there's a box stash. i dumped the above sea of cards from that stash. these are from 2010 and part of 2011.

there's a small felt bowl stash that has samples of most designs.
and there's a glass bowl stash for current work printed in the last few months. these cards are stashed here until they make it to the box stash.
and if you say the word stash over and over again you start to visualize moustaches. at least i do.

while going thru the box stash for that customer's card, i honed in on some favorite cards i've done.

loved this one. he sold seasoned firewood. if i remember correctly, his sister got him these cards for christmas.
i love doing photo cards. did you know i can put your photo on a calling card? ... now you do.
these were for my friend janna. janna has an etsy shop here. she makes great jewelry and takes superb photos, so we put one on her calling card.
some pinstripe action.
ooh, chevron.
one customer wanted this graphic on her cards. a little outside my box, but i love how they turned out.and here's my trusty assistant helping me search for that missing card.
and yes, i found the card. it was in the small felt bowl stash. go figure.


Holly said...

Oh my gosh! That is a HUGE stash of cards! No wonder the one you were looking for was so tricky to find!

online parenting class said...

whoa! those are a LOT!!

Travis Dew said...

....Pam.....I've always known how stinkin' cute my cards are....but I am more than impressed with how many people's cards you have printed over the years. I don't think I've ever given my card out where someone hasn't commented on it.....YOU ARE THE BEST! (Almost time for more gift certificates and thank-you notes....I'll be in touch!)

jacjewelry said...

Love seeing all the cards together! HEY there are my cards! :) Thanks for the mention. I am loving my birdie ones, and will be ordering more soon, as they're dwindling down fast!

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