Sunday, January 8, 2012

what i did on my christmas vacation

wow, i haven't posted in 2 weeks. my niece just wrote and nagged reminded me. so, morgan, this one's for you.

i took a staycation over the holidays, but just because i haven't blogged in 2 weeks doesn't mean my staycation was 2 weeks long. that would have been nice. instead it was about a week but not even a complete week without work. i was slammed with orders last week. mostly this. you can get yours here.

and thanks to a lovely guest blogger at the arts blog for posting my calendar there. what a pleasant surprise!

here's the highlights of what i did on my staycation.

we made pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls christmas morning and delivered them to our neighbors.
we saw this. great. highly recommend it. it takes a good movie to make me sit in a theater for 3 hours! (with previews.) steve saw it with me (and another blogger friend). this was a record day for us. it was the first time we've sat in a theater together in our 8 years together. yep, we've never been to the movies together.
we fitted pixel for hunting boots. texas land is covered with sand burrs. and the little girl gets hurt when steve takes her quail hunting. these were the first pair we tried. don't ya just love pixel's pleading look?
those fell off with 5 steps. so we tried these. these stayed on.......despite actions like this. we almost peed our pants watching pixel walk in these.
i pinned and pinned and pinned and pinned some more. you can follow my pins here.

we became addicted to the office. we started with season 1, episode 1. speaking about peeing your pants.... it's hysterical. there were days when we watched 14 episodes in a row. we're now on season 6.and we play this while watching. another addiction.
we took my visiting in-laws to the dallas arboretum this past friday. it was a sunshiney day and warm, 70 degrees. we read signs... and picked out the typos... ok so that was me. can you find the typo?
we saw a mud house.
we watched the mommy and me groups.
i practiced with my new camera.
i took photos of my mother-in-law and steve, blowing his nose...
and my father-in-law.and rocksAdd Imageand teeny tiny flowersand ornamental kale.there's not much in bloom this time of year at the arboretum, so i took photos of the writings on the wall. (found inside tiny wood houses in the children's play area.)
how was your holiday?

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