Monday, January 23, 2012

valentine goodies in stock

don't forget valentine's day is right around the corner. ok, fine, 3 weeks away, but still, it'll be here before you know it. i've got some goodies in the shop to help you out.

these are my favorites. they come with shimmer silver envelopes which are a new item for me.
they remind me of a subtler version of this.
AND, you can write on them with a normal ballpoint or felt tip pen. better still.

or how about some tone on tone chevron with simple hearts. perfect to hand out to your friends. make 'em smile.
or let me personalize your valentine's day card with you and that special someone. like kate did.

ooh, and i almost forgot to tell you... calendars are 25% off right now. there's only a few left. you can find them here.
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1 comment:

Holly said...

LOVE the pink chevron!

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