Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what i know for sure

the last page of oprah's monthly magazine is always an article penned by oprah. it's titled "what i know for sure". it's the first thing i read in every issue i get.

well, here is what i know for sure today. i do not like tornadoes. before 2 pm yesterday, my only worry was surviving day 2 of bootcamp later in the evening. yes, a very minor worry, but the biggest one at the time.

i flipped tv stations around 2 yesterday, while i was working, and saw on the local station that a large tornado had touched down just south of dallas. we live about 35 miles north of dallas. several other tornadoes were reported and we were in the path of one. a little panic set in. ok, a lot of panic. i called steve. he was south of me (but north of dallas) at work. they were gathering in an internal hallway for safety. i heard the sirens. i corralled the cats into a closet upstairs (it was the best i could do). pixel and i huddled in an internal closet downstairs. as you can see, she stole my pillow for herself.

thankfully the storm moved east of us. we were just out of range. here's a photo that someone took while the storm was passing thru a small town south of dallas. yes, those are trailers (from tractor-trailers) flying through the air.


my friend denise linked to this yesterday on facebook. 25 photos of the destruction. today, i'm just very thankful the storm moved past us. and very sorry for those who were not as lucky.

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kathy said...

I am so glad you are safe. That is terrifying. Good Luck with bootcamp!

pam said...

thanks kathy! bootcamp is fun, but i am sooo sore!

Susannah said...

Pam!! I'm so glad you are all safe! It is scary how much damage all of the tornados did! That is NOT a normal Dallas occurrence, just know that!
Hope Pixel is resting comfy on her dogged (or your pillow) to avoid the surgery :)

Holly said...

Yikes! That sounds just as scary as our earthquakes here in Christchurch - if not even worse! I cannot imagine seeing a TRUCK flying through the air like it's make out of Lego! :O

Glad you are ok!

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