Friday, April 13, 2012

after much discussion,

analysis, research, thought, planning, and more discussion.... we have decided to move forward with building a swimming pool in the backyard! woohoo.

here's a mockup of the finished pool from our pool builder. the nearest side has steps going into the pool. and the far side has a modern waterfall with a bench underneath. very simple, which is what we wanted. we didn't want a lot of concrete that would only bake in the dallas heat and be uncomfortable to walk on barefoot.

it'll fit in a nook up by the house and will be surrounded by an "L" shape patio. and... it leaves plenty of area for pixel to run in the back of the yard. lord knows she needs to run. poor little thing is still on dogbed rest from her recent injury.

i envision her doing a lot of this when the pool's installed.

and, speaking of backyards... i just listed these in the shop.
super cute invites for a pretty backyard party.

have a great weekend!


Lili said...

im excited for you!

Holly said...

YAY for getting a pool! The doggies in that photo definitely look very happy. :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Oh how exciting!! And those pups are just so presh! :)

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