Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bedford springs

as i mentioned before, my sister kim, my mom and i recently spent a few days in central pennsylvania at bedford springs resort. the place is divine.
image from here

silly me, i didn't take my camera. i snapped these with my phone camera. the decor was beyond gorgeous. hopefully you'll get the gist. this is looking out to the lobby from the reception desk.
the lobby. done in corals and blues. several fireplaces, a player piano. afternoon tea and snack.
gorgeous art nouveau wallpaper everywhere. coral velvet chairs.the ultimate gallery wall at first entrance.
this fab little nook was right outside the elevator on our wing of the resort.
an indoor mineral springs pool was the central focus of the resort's spa wing. again, gorgeous wallpaper. marble tile floors. beautiful white molding. and more gallery walls.
this was the view down one hallway. mint paint.leading to hot salmon pink.
beautiful rugs everywhere.
the library.the crystal room, serving a breakfast buffet.
the door to our room was pale aqua. notice the molding. judge's paneling i believe it's called. i've added this to steve's honey-do list. i've got it earmarked for the recessed niche in our dining room. and perhaps some wallpapper above it. ok, honey??our room was similar to this one except painted a beautiful shade of blue.
image from here

even the on-the-property tavern restaurant had a fabulous restroom. look at that sink!
this was the hallway leading to the tavern restaurant. the chaise lounges looked out onto a firepit. the restaurant sold s'mores packages for some evening fun.
the service at the resort was beyond excellent. i didn't have cell phone service anywhere on the resort. the front desk provided me with a temporary brand new cell phone and instructions to forward my phone to that phone. complimentary.

kim and i took advantage of the spa. after our facials, we were free to use the mineral spring baths, where we exfoliated, rinsed, steamed, soaked, and cooled.

if you ever find yourself near central pennsylvania and in need of lodging, you must stay here. i can't recommend it enough.

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LifestyleBohemia said...

That main building looks like a palace - really stunning! Glad you had a great time :)

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