Friday, June 11, 2010


this just excites me.
4 years ago i wouldn't have taken a second glance. because of the pinks and blues. thank goodness tastes change... and that mine have. i love it. the pattern mix. the colors. doesn't the couch look super comfy? (ok, i just noticed this... the stripes on the left cushion match up but don't match up on the right cushions. hmmmm. kinda bothers me. does it you?)

i only had time to glance at the pictures last night in the new lonny issue. it's on my list to read this weekend. along with this book. i'm halfway thru. very good so far.

in other news, this is our current back porch. until monday, when the concrete is poured. they tore out the old concrete patio yesterday. it involved a jack hammer and lots of noise.
steve designed the layout of this one. along with a roof over it. here's his drawing.
the beams and rafters will be cedar. shingle roof. wood underside. and the final element (which will end our run of 2010 home renovations...thank god) is replacing a large window in the dining room with french doors out to the new patio. i think i need a pretty chandelier to hang from under the roof. or maybe lanterns. this ensures that we can use our outdoor space even in the rain.

next week i'll post photos of my new office. here's a sneak peek.
i love my new space. mainly because it's finally totally enclosed and i can shut the doors and forget about work for the evenings and weekends. it's amazing how a physical barrier helps create a mental barrier.

and secondly, i love it because it's got one of these. does your office have one? if not, i highly recommend one. super cute and hours of entertainment.

and finally.... my last piece of news. this happened yesterday. it's one of a pair. i'll be on the hunt this weekend for something else for that space. (yes, i didn't fill the entire pot with dirt. i weighed it down with cinder blocks because we get extremely high winds here. )
have a great weekend!


kristi said...

awesome sofa. looks the the right cushion was just put on upside down. totally bothers me - surprised they didn't notice!

Anonymous said...

Yes...gorgeous colors. It looks as if you flip the cushion the lines should match up perfectly :)

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