Monday, June 21, 2010

weather gods, are you listening?

please stop. stop what you are doing. i can't take it any more. this is the last weekend you've ruined for me. i can't take any more clouds, greyness, drizzly rain and cold. you've made me cranky, depressed and lethargic. (although you did give me an excuse to lay on the sofa and almost finish this instead of doing my gardening.)

so, weather gods, let's lay it all on the line. let's take a look at how you've performed so far for the first half of june.

from June 1 thru 16, there have been 6 days with partly cloudy sky conditions, nine days with cloudy sky conditions, and one day with sunny sky conditions.*

precipitation for june 1-16 is running over an inch above normal at 2.22 inches compared to the normal 0.85 inches. there have been 12 days with precipitation.*

enough, weather gods! and just to clarify what i do need.
i need this.

image from here

loads and loads of this. today is a new day, the first day of summer. last year you were beautiful. you went 3 months without raining. no rain and gobs of sunshine. please do that again this year. for my sanity. and therefore my husband's sanity. thank you.

* stats from here


Devon said...

So it took me a bit to get into the first book, but by the second, I was hooked and couldn't wait for the third to come out!!

I'm with you on the weather and was happy for a recent respite in LA. But hold tight, it's supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow and Wednesday!!

Brittany said...

i hear ya! i only just took my snow tires off last week. we were still getting snow the last week of may and it's been threatening of and on. let's hope for some sun!

paula said...

we went through a month of rain, but not it has stopped and we are close to 100 degree weather everyday now. I want the rain back:)

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