Friday, June 18, 2010

weekly recap

yes, i watched parts 2 and 3 of the real housewives of new york reunion. i'm on team left couch. (i can't take credit for coming up with 'team left couch'. i read it over here.) best line of the night... bethenny saying that talking to kelly was like talking to humpty dumpty. i agree. actually, i think she was being generous by calling her humpty dumpty.
our new backyard patio was poured. pixel left her monogram. isn't her penmanship good?
things are blooming in the garden. hostas and masterwort.
hydrangea. always a fave.
but my poor little strawberries are struggling to survive. first there was constant rain, then there was a critter that ate them. grow, little strawberries, grow.
and finally, new shop products! i'm jumping on the ikat bandwagon. here's a sneak peek at some things to be loaded soon. lots more to make.
enjoy your weekend!


nameisgrace said...

i'm in love with the ikat!!!! can't wait to place my order!

hip hip gin gin said...

LOVE the new products!!!!! The blue ikat and the new polka dots, be still my heart!! =)

D.B. said...

Yes, what is it about Ikat? I'm "on the wagon" with you!

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