Tuesday, August 3, 2010


earlier today i was running some errands at one of seattle's outdoor shopping villages, university village. i stopped dead in my tracks when i saw this. the outdoor flower displays were gorgeous! click on photos to enlarge. railings of stunning flower boxes outside the starbucks. my camera phone doesn't do it justice. the boxes were spilling with every kind of plant.
i called the village's office and asked who did their flowers. ravenna gardens. i should have known.
they have a small shop located in the village. i always make it a point to stop in and ogle their beautiful displays. here's a few images from their website. their shop front.
beautiful container pots. we seem to have the same philosophy with container pot gardening. more is more!
just beautiful!


Brittany said...

beautiful indeed!

M. Denise C. said...

Great pictures. I can only imagine I am there--as I freeze in my Starbucks because the air conditioning is turned down so low because it is 102 degrees outside. Nary a plant in sight. Very jealous!

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