Friday, August 27, 2010


as of last evening and following a trip to the hairdresser, i'm now sporting a do similar to this.

i wasn't too far from it anyway. just went a little bit shorter. love it. now if i just had her skin, her lips, her....

carlee over at deliciously organized posted this this week.see it? see it? no, try squinting. it's one of my chevron calling cards that i made for carlee. it's hanging in babycakes vegan bakery in ny. it's the first time i've seen one of my cards out in the real world. kinda cool.

one of my favorite events is this weekend. right in our neighborhood. the boeing classic. mens champion golf. i love golf.
tpc at snoqualmie ridge is a beautiful course.steve and i are quite familiar with the course. our first summer in seattle (2008) we were part of the groundskeeping crew. yep. we were the divot fillers. we worked about 8-10 hours a week each, in the wee hours of the morning. before steve went to his full time job. and before i sat down to make stationery for the day. we had visions of free golf since we were employees. playing every evening. this was our motivation. too bad we ended up being too tired to play much golf. it's not very glamorous getting up at 5 am to fill buckets with sand and seed and scoop them into divots on each fairway at sunrise. plus, it's really cold at that time of the morning here in seattle.

hope y'all have a great weekend!

(photos of golf taken from boeing classic facebook page)


Millie said...

You are very lucky to be able to wear this style so well Pam - I'd look a total shocker if I did the same, I'm very envious! I'm counting the hours until Spring lets me hit the golf course again with gusto.
Millie ^_^

jacjewelry said...

Love that cut - can we see pics of your new do? Bet it's fantastic! That calling card looks beautiful on the fridge! I think it's a fridge anyway. Happy weekend!

Brittany said...

brave girl!! i love short hair but i couldn't pull it off! i bet you look great! :)

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