Monday, August 30, 2010

john derian in the house

ok, well, not really him in person.
from here

cuz if he was really here in person, i certainly wouldn't be typing to you. i'm sure you understand.

more like john derian products in the house. i took advantage of gilt group's john derian sale last week. now i don't have to rush to target on sept 5th when his stuff debuts there.

here's what i got. picture frame.
love the packaging too. nice box.
my assistant helped me sniff everything.
i bought these plates also. i like them. they're actually kinda heavy for melamine. salad plate size. nice colors. they'll be nice for on the patio. no glass to break.
thanks gilt! and john. i'm pleased.


nameisgrace said...

so awesome! his stuff is already in our target!

Shorely Chic said...

gorgeous!! I met him at this August's NYIGF - I was super excited :)

Brittany said...

oh! i'm very excited for the new target arrivals!! you picked out some great stuff!

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