Tuesday, August 24, 2010

framed fabric

i adore framed fabric. this is my all-time favorite. emily walker. beautiful, vibrant artwork.

lauren of pure style home framed fabric recently for a client's dining room. fantastic! love it.

this room, featuring framed antique fabric, was in the latest issue of elle decor.

and this was once an elle decor cover. framed antique ikat.

here's my version in my office. on top is a marblized fabric. and on bottom, this fabric. i'd show more of the bottom fabric but there's a lovely portable air conditioning tube running across the frame. (seattle... remember?? no central a/c in the homes.)

the last time i saw my sister, we picked out fabric for her to frame at her calico corners outlet. yes, there are outlets. and it was wonderful. great prices. i wish i had a before of the artwork that was hanging above her fireplace. the frame was a mottled pale color that blended into the wall and the art, well, it was a mass produced piece purchased many years ago. didn't go with her current living room at all. she sent me photos last night of the finished piece.

she painted the frame a dark grey. and covered the art with the fabric we chose. she said it was a bear getting everything centered.
but i think it looks awesome! much better than the previous art. now if i could just get her to take a straight photo. next visit...

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