Monday, August 29, 2011

getting settled

this was the scene infront of our new house in dallas last week. these moving vans are huge. they can fit 3 households on one van. incredible.
as i watched the boxes being unloaded and stacked, i wondered how we had accumulated so much stuff.
and i considered applying to hoarders.after steve and i organized the kitchen, i got to work in the master bath. i found this great drawer liner at wal-mart (my nearest superstore) and lined all the bathroom drawers with it. it resembles grasscloth. love it.
pixel intended to help but fell's a shot of one side of the bathroom.
these are some of my favorite pictures. they're antiques. i bought one of them in central pennsylvania last year while on vacation with my mom and sister. last christmas, my sister drove 2 hours to get me another one.
(click to enlarge)
next up... reassembling the pixelimpress office. but pixel and i are having motivation problems....and only feel like doing this.

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