Wednesday, August 3, 2011

island storage

my new kitchen in dallas is similar to the this style and layout. except i have espresso color cabinets. i've never had a sink in my island before. it'll be a change for me. change is good, right?

see that paper towel holder on the island.

they should have thought ahead and done this. genius. and there's the farmhouse sink i'm leaving behind in seattle. i may never recover from that. seriously. i love my sink. the good news about having a sink in an island is... if you ever want to change out the sink, you only have to replace the granite on the island and not all the perimeter granite. (just thinking ahead, honey... it'll cost less $$ to change the sink than the therapy sessions to get over letting go of my farmhouse sink.)
let's look at some other clever island storage. trays anyone?
fridge drawer.
dishes. below my stovetop will be 2 drawers. i thought about doing something similar to this.
but then i saw this. bingo. linen storage.

last 5 photos via here


Lili said...

great kitchen stuff! cant wait to see your new kitchen :)


I had the same reaction when I discovered a slim cabinet in our kitchen - perfect for cutting boards. It's my favorite part of the whole kitchen! :D I go away for a month and you sell your house? That's awesome! Congratulations! Dallas, here you come!

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