Thursday, August 4, 2011

where's pixel

scroll to the bottom to play 'where's pixel'. but first you might as well look at some pretty flowers.

this is our backyard yesterday evening. (click on these to enlarge them and get the full effect. things are looking lush. as they usually do in the pacific northwest.
lavender background and some purpley feather-like flowers. steve knows. i forget. honey? honey? name this plant please. i know it start with an "l".
the tall red flowers are crocosmia. and boy do their bright tubular flowers attract the hummingbirds. they're here every evening. lavender in the foreground.
the tall stalk like plant on the right is a stargazer lily. they're just about ready to bloom.
peach astilbe.
agapanthus! he gets an exclamation point because he made me wait 3 years for his appearance.
pretty, pretty pretty lavenders.
cutest puppy in the world. aka pixel.and speaking of pixel. she's in the doghouse right now for causing me some panic this morning. i don't let her out in the backyard unsupervised. i'm either back there with her or at a nearby window. she can't escape from the backyard if she tried. totally fenced in. no holes. but i'm a worrier. so i always panic if i look back and see she's not around. which happened this morning. i gave one sweeping glance and didn't see her immediately. i panicked. i walked right into the adirondack chair, stubbed my toe and hit my ribs on the tall back. cursing ensued. here was my view. do you see her? (click to enlarge)

yep, there she is.
sneaky little sh*t. hiding behind a lavender. she knows she's not even supposed to be in that flower bed. wait til i tell her daddy.


M. Denise C. said...

What a great Pixel posting!! I spotted her, but it was tough.

Anonymous said...

Liatris, Dear.

jacjewelry said...

Haha... Bad, Pixel!

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