Monday, August 1, 2011


this is why i'm still craving summertime.
this was the sky yesterday morning as i drove into seattle to meet my friend. 11 am. sad, huh? we had a good time though. did some shopping. ate lunch. lisa is one of my oldest friends (oldest as in i've known her many years). she was my hairdresser in atlanta 23 years ago. and we've always kept in touch. she moved to seattle years ago. steve and i just 4 years ago. soon we'll be in separate cities again. but i know we'll always stay in touch.

back to that shopping part of the trip. i picked up this. read about it at erika's blog. she's a big fan of fresh products.

i hadn't bought lipstick in 4 years. the last tube i bought was for my wedding. i rarely wear it here in seattle. but i felt like i needed just a hint of color. love this. and it tastes like sweet lemonade.

and where will i be tonight?? glued to the tv watching this.

ben?or jp?
rumor has it she chooses jp. but i'm not sure. my guess is neither. we shall see.


kathy said...

I love fresh products. Because of Erika, too! I have the rose and it was my favorite until honey came along. I really like it. Bought a second one to keep in my purse. I don't wear lipstick either, but this is perfect. In a short while, you are going to have plenty of sunshine! It has been really hot and dry this summer in the midwest.

pam@pixelimpress said...

kathy, i'll have to try the nude next. i know.... soon i'll be complaining about too much sunshine! pam

Ms. Bright said...

I'm a big fan of Fresh, too!

Also, wanted to let you know how excited I was to see your work represented by the fabulous Ms. Toby Fairley! How cool that you did her latest personalized notes!! I hope you saw it on Effortless Style last week!

Yay you!

jacjewelry said...

I've been to Fresh stores but have never tried their products. The spa I hear is good (there are a few locations in NYC) - I may try it.

Why did you think she was going to choose neither?! I read the spoilers so I knew it was going to be JP, but I still watched it of course (to Husband's dismay).

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