Friday, October 28, 2011

new designs in shop

ever since this october 2011 cover of house beautiful, i've had purple on the brain. like lavender, lilac and even beet.

so i made some new designs in shades of purple. i created a set of 10 foldover notecards with these 5 patterns. my favorite is the suzani-like pattern on beet.
of course i like the leaf stem wallpaper also.
and the offset stripe too. ok, fine, i like them all equally.
and then i was doodling working one day and came up with this pattern.
i named it brushstroke chainlink in pink ombre. i turned it into notecards also.

you can find these notecards here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the 2012 pixelimpress wall calendar

is in stock! i've been wanting to make a wall calendar for a few years now. the stars aligned this year. and i made this....

it's 12.5"x19" with a 1/2" white border all around. it's pretty. you'll like it.

you can purchase it here.

Monday, October 24, 2011


as we all know, october is breast cancer awareness month. most of us know someone with breast cancer. i do. someone close to me. very very close to me. she's been through chemo and is almost done with radiation. and she has thrived. her tumor is gone. there's no sign of cancer anyway else in her body. she even managed to work her very busy job throughout her treatments.

in support of her and all women who are fighting this battle, i made these bookmarks. HOPE. for every one of these bookmarks sold, i will donate $1.00 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. they are sold in sets of 3. therefore, $3.00 will be donated by me every time a set is purchased.

if you'd like to support the cause, please head over here and purchase the hope bookmark. thank you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

fatal attraction

my favorite movie. of all time. i've seen it about 617 times. no lie. ask my husband. i believe it should be seen at all bachelor parties. the divorce rate in the country will plummet because no Linkman will ever have an affair again. (and yes, i know women have affairs also. another one of my favorite movies is unfaithful with diane lane.)

yesterday, the pioneer woman said that she watched a behind-the-scenes making of fatal attraction on the bio channel. dang, i missed it. well, i googled it and it's on again tonight! in fact here are the upcoming air times for it
  • Thursday October 20 at 8:00PM EDT
  • Friday October 21 at 12:00AM EDT
  • Friday October 28 at 8:00PM EDT
  • Saturday October 29 at 12:00AM EDT
i can't wait to see it. pw warned that the description of filming the infamous rabbit scene was not very pleasant... so heads up, you may want to block your eyes for that one.

image from the pioneer woman blog

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

joni's outdone herself

on this one.

a lengthy post on camping and airstreams. wow, it's amazing what some people can do with 4 walls. the camper above reminds me of the one we used to camp in when i was little. no, it wasn't an airstream. but the size is similar. 4, yes 4, of us used to sleep in it. seriously. we'd come out of it each morning like clowns leaving a volkswagen. the retired couple in their 25 foot rv next door found it amusing.

go check out her post. i'm sure you'll be wanting an airstream at the end of it, just like i do.

image source

Monday, October 17, 2011

a snippet of our weekend

weekends always go too quickly. ours are still packed full with 'settling-into-a-new-house' chores. and leave me sunday night feeling as if i need another day. a day to do nothing.

we went to whole foods friday night. for dinner and grocery shopping. i loaded up on gourds for some fall decorating. although i still don't feel like it's fall yet here in dallas, considering today is going to be 90 degrees. cool front coming tomorrow and bringing temps around 70s degrees. funny... in seattle, 70 was a hot day. dallas cools down to 70.

this is on my dining room table. i went with greens and greys. i love orange, just not at halloween. weird, huh?
this is my favorite guy. maybe cuz he's so ugly he's cute.i also managed to get the ghastlies up on the wall. also in the dining room.
they make me laugh.speaking of the dining room, this will be another framed fabric in the room. i bought this on onekingslane last year and have yet to do anything with it. i'm thinking of framing it in gold.

and i just ordered these silk grommet drapes from pottery barn for the dining room. more than 50% off. can't beat that. well, free can beat that...ah, perhaps i can use this room as inspiration for the dining room. lots of cream (my walls), hints of pink, and grass green drapes.***

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

breaking the radio silence

wow, almost 2 weeks of silence from me. that's a rarity. but life got busy. as it will when you're still settling in from moving cross country and prepping your stationery store for the holiday season and squeezing in a jaunt to pennsylvania to visit family. and of course i took not one photo to show you.

wait, i lie. i took a photo. of the bathtub in the middle of the room in our hotel room. seriously folks? we supposedly had priority status at the hotel. i don't think a tub in the middle of the room, closest room to lobby, closest room to elevators (where they continually played music over speakers until we asked them not to) is priority. a reassessment is in order.

we left thursday for the weekend away. while at my parents' we celebrated steve's birthday.
his biggest present.... a ticket to a dallas cowboys game in november when my brother-in-law is visiting. they're beyond excited. hopefully they'll watch the game and not the cheerleaders.

while at "home", we also went antique shopping, ate excellent thai food, and visited with extended family and friends. and i went back to my high school for a football game. freaky. hadn't set foot there in many moons. but it was great to see old friends.

and it's always fun to come home to this. the pickup from doggy camp is crazy. she literally bounces off walls and then gets in the car and crashes.and now it's back to the grind.... catching up on orders at pixelimpress and prepping our house for guests in one month.

my next project is painting our dining chairs in the breakfast nook. i'm painting them off white and recovering the seats with a teal ikat. i happened to find this image below with the same color scheme.
i'll be sure to show you the before and after.

*** images via my pinterest

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