Thursday, December 8, 2011

christmas in the house

so last night i got out our christmas decorations. we decided not to do a tree this year. we got spoiled with the most gorgeous, lush trees in seattle and can't find the same here in dallas. so we just decided to forego one this year. but that didn't stop me from making some pretty holiday vignettes around the house. my favorite thing... a bowl or vase of ornaments. oh, and poinsettias.

here's a pretty pink one with my mercury tree.
and i got a little practice time with my new macro lens.a little stove mantle holiday spirit.
my breakfast nook is mainly decorated in blues and green. my ornaments fit in perfectly!
mini stockings.i hope i don't regret hanging this mini cowbell.master bath holiday spirit.

i love our velvet stockings.
more macro practice. ornaments are the perfect subject!i also came across these
that we used in last year's christmas card photo shoot.pixel was kind enough (like she had a choice!) to sport them again last night for the camera.


kathy said...

After you spoke of white poinsettia's, I spotted a beautiful one and had to bring it home. It looks great. The antlers on Pixel are adorable. She is such a sweetheart. Merry Christmas!

pam said...

merry christmas to you too kathy! hard to believe it's "just around the corner". funny... pixel fought the antlers at first and then when she realized they weren't coming off until i got a decent photo, she just gave in and put her head on the carpet. pam

Holly said...

I love the bowl of ornaments, and the antlers on the dog! Hehe!

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