Thursday, December 1, 2011


how did this happen?

i'm having trouble processing what time of year it is given our warmer temps here in texas. i still can't believe thanksgiving is over. and now, just around the corner, is christmas. i'm not in the spirit yet. maybe this weekend i'll get some (or buy some).

in the meantime... my no peeking chevron holiday tags have been very popular and in 8 etsy treasuries in the last week or so! (i chalk it up to better photos since i got this.

enjoy the treasuries....

i spotted that little red and white bowl in a coupla of the treasures. it's from this etsy shop.buggers, looks like it's sold out, but she has these other ones that are super cute, too.
*** my own little brown pen 2011 mini calendar. here's their 2012 one for sale.


Elizabeth said...

These tags are adorable! Whenever I see Chevron, I think of you. You must have invented it because it was in your shop a long time before I saw it anywhere else!

Congratulations on the Harper's Bazaar article! I know you are thrilled!!! AWESOME!


Hi, Pam, I can't believe it either! The whole year just flew by. I just got my new issue of Bazaar and was thrilled to see you mentioned!!! It's so well-deserved. Congratulations!

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