Wednesday, December 14, 2011


i haven't read a book in so long that i wonder if i've forgotten how to read. i hope to pick up a book after christmas. life is just too busy right now. but... it didn't stop me from making a book. after reading about blurb on stephanie's blog awhile back and having a need to make a book, i decided to give it a shot a few weeks ago.

remember our family outing to dealey plaza in dallas a few weeks ago? well, my brother-in-law asked me to send him the photos from the visit so he could show his dad. rather than just putting the photos in a photobook, i decided to try out blurb. there was a slightl learning curve with my first attempt. it took me about 3 hours to put together a 26 page book. next time i'm sure it'll go a little quicker now that i know what to expect.

i got the book a few days ago. here it is. the cover...Link
i decided to make pixel the author, since she and her uncle bobby have a small love affair going on.Linki put jfk quotes on the back cover.
i'm really pleased with the quality of the book. the dust jacket is a quality, glossy paper. the book itself is covered in black linen. i ordered the book with premium paper pages and they're gorgeous. they have a slightlustre. i'll definitely do more books with blurb.

and speaking of books, have you seen this one?? menagerie by sharon montrose. you can buy a signed copy here.
i'm a huge fan of her photographs. i can never decide which one to buy... with this book i could enjoy a bunch of photos!

to bring a smile to your face, head here and watch this super cute video on sharon's site.

and.... looks like pioneer woman has another cookbook coming out in march. i have her first one and use it a lot. her comfort meatballs are a favorite!
the book comes out in march but you can pre-order it.

and.... one more book... little brown pen has a book coming out titled 'paris in color'. i love her photographs and have several throughout my home. you can preorder her book here.

this is my latest favorite photo of hers.

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