Monday, December 5, 2011

our weekend

we had a busy weekend. saturday started with steve and a coupla guys (all of polish heritage) from work making pierogis at our house. it was a little surreal seeing these strapping men rolling out dough and filling it with their prepared stuffings. (you can click on this photo to see a slideshow of all photos enlarged.)
of course this gal wasn't far from the action, waiting patiently for scraps to fall.uh oh....what just happened in the football game?
the finished product. yum!while the pierogi making was happening, this showed up at the door.
about 3 months ago at a neighborhood planning party for halloween, we got off track and started discussing the christmas event. i nonchalantly volunteered steve to play santa, exclaiming that he would be PERFECT. things snowballed from there....
he's santa!we arrived fashionably late to the party to build anticipation. this little girl was too cute... she had her list all prepared for santa.that beard's a little ticklish.good job, honey! (and can you get over that sneak peek of my neighbor's christmas tree! it was sooo pretty.on sunday we went to a local nursery for some christmas decorations. i love poinsettias, especially white ones.
pretty wreath.
i'll show more photos of the decorations when i finish.


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