Wednesday, January 19, 2011

love is in the air

valentine's day is just around the corner. ok, the corner being 3 1/2 weeks. and as always, i've got your back. there's some cute stuff in the shop for you to buy and give to your loved one. and they'll love you back since you got them something so cute.

xoxo typography on paperbag cardstock.
xoxo tic tac toe on bubblegum pink mine on mauve tone on tone chevron. i'm bringing mauve back.
forever on taupe tone on tone chevron. my husband will give me this one. he likes saying "forever" to me to remind me of those vows we took almost 4 years ago. romantic, huh? not so. it's usually after he does some obnoxious man thing.
these are supercute! give some for valentine's day and save some of the rest of the year when you want to send a little love.
kate's getting this one for her prince charming. if you buy it, too, i'll put your and your beloved's name on it.
and if you're a gift giver for valentine's day, tie one of these on your package.
all goodies can be found here.

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