Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mega millions

it was $355,000,000. i didn't win. 2 other people did. whatever.

when steve and i were dating long distance at the beginning of our relationship, i would buy a lottery ticket on my way to see him. the thoughts of what i could do with several million $$ entertained me for hours on the road. as steve says, visualizing spending lottery money is a great form of mental masturbation. he said it. not me.

when i bought my mega millions ticket the other day, i started daydreaming again. how would i spend millions? first i'd save some. enough so that i never have to work again. then i'd take care of family and friends. then give some to charity. then i'd start my spending spree. i'd have houses in several places. this could be our northwest retreat. it's on bainbridge island. and for sale now.

please step inside. i'll show you around.
we'd spend most of our time hanging here. or here. baking. cooking.playing on the ladder. til someone gets hurt. (it's always me.)let's go outside.
we'd dine outside by the fountain when the weather's nice.and then have s'mores by the fire.and if you came to visit, you could have your own guest cottage. shucks, you could live there full time. we wouldn't mind.
nothing too fancy. just a nice simple northwest retreat.


jacjewelry said...

Hilarious! Next time, Pam. Next time. I am totally visiting you at the retreat!!!

Brittany said...

sounds like a dream! sign me up! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo, how incredibly perfect! Can I be the s'more chef??

jwilt said...

looks beautiful... and I'd come to stay. As long as my brother kept his mouth shut about... I can't even re-type it! :)

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