Monday, January 24, 2011

stranded in the bay

this man needs a little more water to float his boat. this man is my neighbor. this man took my husband duck hunting on sunday. they left at 5 am, planned on returning early afternoon. they came home about 730pm. a little off schedule.

this man, well, let's call him joe, because his name is joe, and my husband started heading back toward shore, that coastline there in the background about a mile away, 3 hours before low tide, thinking they had plenty of time before low tide. they thought wrong. and...they got stuck. there wasn't enough water to get back to shore. they had to wait and wait and wait for high tide for water to float the boat. they tried to pull the boat. no go. i still think it's a bit of a coincidence since i mentioned to my husband that i would like him to help me with house chores on sunday. he came back just as i put the mop away and pulled the dinner from the oven. how convenient for him.

1 comment:

Millie said...

Hmmmm, how very convenient of the boat to run out of water Pam! Glad Oprah's given you a taste for Down Under, you know you'd be very welcome.
Millie x

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